MageQuit is the Magicka-esque party game to watch

Not just because of its fantastic name

If a game title can instantly pop an image into your brain that makes you want to chuckle than its a winner. MageQuit made us think of Gandalf throwing a controller in rage, so, we’re doing well here already. MageQuit exists in a similar sort of magical realm to games like Magicka, but instead of sending you off on a magical journey, you’re just having a jolly good fight.

Set on arena-like islands, MageQuit tasks you with fighting against up to 10 magicians to see who will be the most magic-y of them all. This top-down brawler can be played online or with up to 10 friends locally. After each win, your wizard’s little beard will grow bigger, and after 9 rounds the winner is decided via who has the longest beard. Sounds like a trip hazard.
There are currently 42 spells to choose from, with more on the way once the game goes into full release. Each spell has it’s own animation, and when spells combine and crackle against each other surprising affects can be seen that are bound to keep you surprised and entertained. A player is drafted with a combination of different spells when they spawn, so getting to grips with your abilities becomes part of the skill of the gameplay.
MageQuite is currently in Early Access and debuted this year at Pax 2019. Take a quick spin around Steam and you’ll see just how well received it was at Pax. One reviewer wrote “Played at PAX West 2019. Instantly bought 10 keys for me and friends.” If people actually want to play a party game with their friends, especially when that game is still in Early Access, thats a good indication that the developers are onto something special.
With that kind of ringing endorsement, it’s clear MageQuit is a game to keep an eye on. They game goes into full release on October 9th, until then, you can find out more on their Steam page.