Zelda-like adventure Minit is free on the Epic Store, here’s why you should play it

Grab it while it’s hot!

This week’s Epic freebie is Devolver Digital’s Minit, a 2D adventure that resembles Undertale but plays closer to classic Legend of Zelda. On the surface, killing bad guys and completing quests is Minit’s basic routine, but it also hosts a really interesting feature: a time loop.

Every sixty seconds, your character dies and is sent back to the beginning. You can complete anything that you can within that limit, but there will always be that inevitable reset. You can open shortcuts, obtain items and discover new start points that carry over between deaths, making each cycle easier as you gradually optimise your route throughout the entire game. Eventually, your mastery of exploring the world within the allocated time window allows you to maximise your run and beat it in a single loop.


Due to the bite-size sessions you can spend on it, Minit is well worth the download. The world feels small and concise, so it’s easy to navigate and complete different objectives within each life. Then there’s the cute graphics and funny dialogue that also adds to the charm, but it’s basically like playing a 2D Zelda with an enjoyable time-looping mechanic. It stood out to me as one of the most interesting indie games from last year.

Check out Minit on the Epic Games Store.