Tick Tock brings the magic of escape rooms to the Switch

Work together for once.

Co-op games have become notorious for putting their players in stressful situations. Just look at Overcooked, the co-op cooking game that will have you arguing with your friends within minutes, steadily ascending from urgent requests to yelled demands. The best elements of co-op games usually thrive on this sort of chaotic gameplay, where you are forced to talk to your co-players, even if you don’t want to.

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two takes us in a slightly different direction. The game puts emphasis on communication between two players above all else, originally inspired by the escape rooms so popular amongst groups of friends and office Christmas parties. With different objects and messages appearing on either player’s screen, players will need to talk out loud to piece together all the clues of this game’s dark mysteries.

Set in a world of Scandinavian folk lore and fairytale, you are thrown into the world of clockmaker Amalie Ravn. Your primary objective is to escape, but first you need to get past the world’s cryptic puzzles. Combine your clues and shout out instructions in order to escape before the time runs out.

The game can be played across platforms and is available on PC, iOS, Android or Mac. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch on the 5th of December. Meanwhile, Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is available now on Steam.