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Ron Perlman voices Ghost Rider look-alike in West of Dead

Very dead, very red.

An indie-game Ghost Rider, set in the wild west and voiced by Hellboy himself? What 10 year old boy dreamt up this game, because whoever he is, we’d like to tell him he has very good taste. It’s no surprise really that Raw Fury are coming out with another such beautiful title, but with a concept a little more on the rebel outlaw side of things, they’ve certainly piqued are interest with this announcement.

In West of Dead players inhabit the corpse-filled cowboy boots of dead man William Mason (voiced by Ron Perlman). You’ve found yourself in the murky transitory world of Purgatory, a place filled with the gun-smoke of a thousand bar fights, plenty of sin, witches and wastemen. There are many lost souls passing through these parts, and most, you’re probably going to get on the wrong side of. The narrative follows dead man’s hazy recollection of a figure in black; his search for him will, “set into motion a chain of events that have truly mythic consequences”, apparently.

The announcement trailer gives us some hints on the game’s fast-paced combat style – a procedurally generated battle ground that sees players operating a twin-stick shooter. Taking cover is clearly a large part of the combat also, as we can see our dead man hoping over barrels and sliding over tables away from the passage of bullets. It reminds us, in a way, of John Wick Hex, although the combat seems slightly less strategic here and a little bit messier.

If this looks like your cup of whiskey too, then you can get West of Dead‘s open beta on Xbox One until the 25th of November. It will be releasing in full on Xbox One via Xbox game pass sometime in 2020. Go get ’em cowboy.