Man Standing

This Death Stranding clone is hilarious

A Hideko Kojimba game.Man Standing

Cloned games aren’t a new phenomenon, they’ve plagued both the indie and triple-A market with janky bootleg versions of games that poorly rip the characters and setting from the titles they imitate since forever.

It seems Hideo Kojima’s artsy powerhouse, Death Stranding is the latest game to fall victim to the cloners with the aptly named rip-off, Man Standing planned to release on Steam next week. Don’t think you’re going to be seeing many A-listers in this version though, I assume Norman Reedus is busy working on that horror game Kojima Productions have been teasing.

Man Standing

Although the soundtrack is remarkably upbeat in the sparse trailer on the game’s Steam page the gameplay doesn’t look that far off – well, minus the triple-A polish that is. It’s described as a ‘survival game in an open, endless world’ which from the screenshots seems to feature a lot of walking. So far so good although I’m not sure why they’re carrying a refrigerator around on their back.

They nailed the confusing storyline though, with a plot described as a ‘Deep philosophical plot, understandable not only to everyone.’

“The player will have to shoulder the heavy burden of the only surviving person in the world who, in a fit of schizophrenic delirium, walks to places that hold memories of untimely people who left this world. But everything is not so simple – in this dangerous journey evil enemies and anomalies will interfere with you. But you will not let them get in your way!”

It is built in the ‘the most advanced engine of our time’ so I’m sure Man Standing is really going to push the envelope of innovation on Steam. Don’t think the likeness is lost on these savvy developers though, they are well aware of the inspirations.

“It may seem that the game borrows many mechanics from another game – we, of course, are talking about Hevy Reyn”

Man Standing is set to come to Steam 10 December as long as Hideo Kojima’s lawyers don’t shut it down first.