The Best Indie Games of 2019

Game of the Year

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium

It’s easy to forget what the definition of an RPG actually is: a roleplaying game. Disco Elysium reignited the genre this year by truly letting you live out a role in a fascinating world.

You wake on the floor of a shabby hotel room reeling from the mother of all hangovers. Your self-induced malady is so severe, you can’t even remember who or where you are. It’s fitting, because you’re able to rebuild that identity how you see fit through a compelling personality system and the choices you make throughout the game.

Combat in Disco Elysium is essentially nonexistent. Instead, the impact that you have on the world – and that it has on you – is carried out through diverse branching dialogue, formed from some of the best games writing in recent memory. The success or failure of the actions you take is determined by the personality you’ve built, the things you’ve done up until that point and a good pinch of luck.

It’s a glorious return to the roots of roleplaying games, employing pen and paper sensibilities but somehow still feeling fresh and innovative. Disco Elysium is arguably one of the finest RPGs in years, so for it to come from a small indie team makes it all the more impressive.

What a year for indie games 2019 has been. From the empty void of space to dystopian cities of the future this year’s indie games have took us on an unforgettable ride. It’s great to continue to see the industry thrive and prosper with creative and innovative titles. Who knows what will be demanding our attention in 2020 but it’ll have a high bar to meet.

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