Gazillionaire, 90s Trading Sim, Returns to Steam

Gazillionaire slithers back through time and space.


Gazillionaire is back, like a meal that repeats on you, dredging the trippiness of 90s videogames and stirring nostalgia in our hearts.


Released on Steam this week, Gazillionaire is that Monopoly-on-acid game that you probably played in school but barely remember. For those of us with the game tingling on the edge of our subconscious, we welcome its return and hope to see multiplayer bought back soon.


Check any review from the 90s and this game will have a glowing row of stars. A tycoon game for sci-fi fans, Gazillionaire’s off-the-wall aesthetic feels very welcome in 2020. Buying low and selling high – learn to cut deals and outwit your competitors as your tiny business grows.  

Super Whaler Co

What’s more, this bizarre phenomenon of a game is currently 25% off on Steam!