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Temtem Causes Inexplicable Backlash By Offering Pronouns

More options are bad apparently

The creators of Temtem have done the impossible; that’s right, they’ve wound up the section of the internet that’s dedicated to being unpleasant. I know, I too am thoroughly shocked by this stunning turn of events. Who know that there were swathes of people out there dedicated to being horrifically backwards and committed to trying to drag us all back to the times when being a bigot was acceptable. Truly, this is a revelation.

That’s sarcasm, of course. I’ve been on Twitter at least once, I know these people exist. It is (unfortunately) not my first time on the internet, nor the first time seeing people being irked over a positive step forward.

The offending issue in question may surprise you though, you see, Temtem has more options in it than most games when it comes to character creation. The people behind Temtem had the audacity to give players the options to choose their pronouns when creating their in-game avatar. That means you could be referred to as He/Him, She/Her, or They/Them. It’s a nice touch that helps to make people feel more welcome, which is something the world desperately needs thanks to the sheer volume that most nasty people seem to come equipped with. Well, that really annoyed a very specific subset of people, and that’s hilarious.

Of course, if you want a really succinct summary of the reactions to Temtem being inclusive, you could always just check out the tweet and the accompanying meme. Oh, and Temtem, for those who don’t know, is an incredibly fun monster-collecting MMO game that looks great and is a lot of fun, so do feel free to go out and get it to support the lovely people over at Crema Games.