5 Things You Should Know About Zombie Army 4

A bullet in ya dead

Zombie Army 4 is out next week, and while you might have seen some shots of the game, you might not know what it’s all about. That’s where this comes in, listed here are 5 of the weirdest and most wonderful things about Zombie Army 4 to get you excited for its release.

Photo Mode

This might be my favourite entry on the list. We all want photo modes in our pretty games now, and most games are pretty. Well, Zombie Army 4 has a photo mode too, meaning you can try and take some snapshots of the undead before taking potshots at them.

X-Ray Kill Cam

This is a staple of the series, but it never stops being gloriously gory to witness. Kills can be accompanied by slow-motion X-ray kill cams that track the bullet as it drives itself through an unsuspecting undead skull. Is it brutal? Yes, but it looks great, and they were trying to eat you.

Co-op Mode

If you and your friends love going on an adventure together, then Zombie Army 4 might just be your next big indulgence. It’s built around the idea that up to four of you will be fighting together to hold back the oncoming undead, so you’re sure to find yourself in some entertaining situations. Just don’t shoot each other; it’s not nice.

Absurd Weapons

Along with all of the knives, sniper rifles, and machine guns you’d expect, you can also get your hands on some incredibly powerful bits of weaponry. For example, the release date trailer has one of the characters firing an electrified shotgun as well as a very heavy-looking flamethrower. It’s the good stuff, and you’ll want to use it as much as possible, especially as there are zombie sharks.

Horde Mode

One of the best features of the Gears of War series was the introduction of the horde mode. It allows players to forgo any kind of meaning to their battles, and simply strap in for a couple of hours of shooting stuff in the face. Well, Zombie Army 4 has its own horde mode too. The twist here is that the map gets larger and larger the longer you survive, meaning you’ll have to stay on the move if you want to avoid joining the ranks of the undead.