Forget Brexit By Playing Not Tonight On Switch

No shirt, no shoes, no right to remain, no service

Well, today sure is a day to sit inside and play video games and try and forget everything that’s happening in the real world. Whether you think Brexit is a good idea or not, there’s no denying that it’s a bad idea. So, to help you imagine what the future might hold for us, you should go ahead and play Not Tonight on Nintendo Switch. It’s a politically-charged look at the life of a bouncer in the aftermath of the UK leaving the EU. It’s a bit like if Papers Please started wearing a union jack and shouting “STELLA” at anybody within earshot for no real reason.

That’s not actually accurate, it’s a rather harrowing look at what happens to people when things change in a dramatic way, and it’s a (hopefully) worst-case scenario for what could be in the UK’s future. Whether or not it comes to pass is yet to be seen, but you can enjoy Not Tonight either way. Also, you’ve got to give kudos for the marketing team at No More Robots for actually getting it out the door on the day they said they would.

As ever, this is the kind of title that should really fit on the Switch. This is partly because games being portable is great, and partly because you can just put the console to sleep if you decide you want to do something a bit more upbeat instead. Maybe have a nap? Maybe have two naps and a cake? I won’t judge you, and I’m sure nobody else will either, you live your best life.