The NHS And Table Manners Want Your Blood

Giving blood is sexy, actually

It turns out that having Table Manners is good for not just you, but the world. In a campaign that NHS Blood and Transplant are running called, ‘What’s Your Type?‘, they’re partnering with the upcoming awkward date simulator to try and encourage more people to give blood. The aim is to get more male donors who have the O negative, B negative, and A negative blood types. Of course, they want your blood no matter your blood type, but these specific blood types are in short supply, which can make things dangerous for those who need them.

Not only will there be in-game messaging added to try and get people to sign up, but you can actually win a copy of the game by heading to the Give Blood NHS Twitter account and registering there. It’s the first time that the NHSBT has ever partnered with a game, and it’s an incredibly cool thing to see happening, especially as we need to be sending the NHS as much help as possible at the moment.

If you’d like to give blood anyway, you can do so by heading to one of the permanent places that will accept your blood (I say accept, they’ll take it out for you, please don’t just turn up with your blood in a jar). It’s always worth giving blood if you can, even if some of the rules around it are still rather outdated. Nevertheless, it’s a small thing to do if you’re able and can literally save a life. Plus, ya know, video games?