broomstick league

Broomstick League Is Quidditch Meets Rocket League

You’re a wizard Barry

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a game tried to imitate Rocket League and actually succeed at it. The weird lightning in a bottle magnificence of the car-based football simply isn’t that easy to recreate, especially as it was technically the second game in a series that definitely benefitted from releasing as a PS Plus game nearly half a decade ago.

Well, a new contender has stepped onto the pitch, and they’ve brought a broom with them because they’re aiming to clean up. This newcomer is Broomstick League, a game which looks like Rocket League and Quidditch had a one night fling that neither of them would ever admit to. Not only does Broomstick League share the blue vs red colour scheme, it even has the word league in the title.

That’s not to say that this is a cheap knockoff though, far from it. This is a fully-fledged and rather magical take on the strange sport, and it could well be the best Harry Potter-inspired game we’ll ever get, at least until the next big retconning of 2020 from Hatsune Miku.

Broomstick League features two teams of between one and four players battling it out to try and score goals while defending their own goal. What makes it stand out, even more, is the ability to actually cast spells, meaning that this could be a very chaotic affair indeed. Which is good news for anyone who looked at cars driving around with jet engines and thought “you know what, it’s just a bit too tame for me”. If you’re pretty revved up about this, you can fall under the game’s spell when it launches on March 5th.