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Hellpoint Is A Sci-Fi Soulslike In Space

It’s space, but not as we know it

Soulslikes tend to incorporate elements of horror intrinsically. It’s very much in the DNA of the genre thanks to the innate fear that exists as you wander around the various worlds trying not to die to every single thing that jumps out at you. It’s natural that full horror interpretations will appear here and there; just look at Bloodborne.

Hellpoint aims to take that underlying horror and bring it to the forefront of the experience. Set in a world where the line between science and the occult has become non-existent, you play a character aboard the Irid Novo space station. Once the crowning achievement of humankind, the Irid Novo now hosts horrific beings at the whim of evil Cosmic Gods. The space station also orbits around a black hole, which can have a huge impact on the game itself, and can lead to bosses suddenly appearing or hordes of enemies swarming your position.

Now, the genre itself has led to as many hits as misses, but often a decent setting and a couple of interesting innovations are enough to see a new one become worthy of attention. Hellpoint has personality in creepy, otherwordly spades, but whether or not the gameplay can match up to that remains to be seen. You can, however, jump into a demo of sorts called Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast, and you can do that right now. I can’t say if it’s a good indication of how the full game will be, but hopefully, Cradle Games are listening to the feedback on it.