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Eternal Is One Of The Best Card Games Around

Hearthstone: The Gathering  

I know you’re aware of the recent uprising of CCGs and their wonderful digital forms. Something about the ability to manipulate mechanics, the potential for pulling a high-rarity card, and the joy of having a stupid combo go off, is completely irresistible. Just look at the rise and rise of Hearthstone or the recent Magic: The Gathering Arena, which I know is an old game, but this digital version isn’t.

Well, one that you might not have heard of, but should definitely check out, is Eternal. It’s set in a world of mysticism and six-shooters, meaning the whole thing has a really unique setting, and the cards you get reflect that. Not only is the artwork all excellent, but the gameplay is phenomenal. The mechanics are all designed in a way that means they could only really work in a digital game, which allows for a lot more wriggle room when it comes to designing them. It also means that randomised things are genuinely random, which is nice to know.

Plus, as it’s been around for a while, it has a vast library of cards to choose from, and you earn one pack a day for your first win against another player. Out of all of the card games, I think it does the free-to-play thing in the best possible way, and while you can spend money on it, it very rarely feels necessary. Of course, if you start playing now, you’ll have a lot to catch up on, but you can also build a decent deck using only common and uncommon cards. It’s a really extraordinary card game, but it often gets overlooked. We have the power to change that, so go play it.