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Sable Looks Like A Comic In Motion

A valley of monuments

Games about exploration hit a lot of us incredibly hard because it’s something we just don’t get a chance to experience in real life. It’s also an odd subject to cover because it often ends up linked to the horrors of our ancestors due to colonialism. It’s hard to do in a good way because of the baggage that exploration often brings with it. So, whenever a game looks to do it in a peaceful way, it’s often worth paying attention to.

Sable is a game that has you exploring an open-world desert on an alien planet as the titular character. In your journey to discover the ruins, monuments, and desolate ships that have fallen to the world, you’ll discover things about yourself as well. It asks a lot of deep questions about the world at large, and you’ll be constantly urged to discover the next piece of the puzzle. What actually happened on this planet? Why is everything so quiet? Who exactly is Sable? It’s the kind of chilled out exploration game that is sure to refresh us all at this point.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Sable is the glorious visual aesthetic. Everything looks like a comic book in motion, and each scene and screenshot is worth of being a desktop background. It’s beautiful in a unique way, and as long as the game can match how it looks, it’s sure to be an extraordinary experience. With any luck, we’ll get a release date soon, but at least we can look at the screenshots in the meantime.