Mars Horizon Lets You Make Your Own Space Program

To boldly go

Space, the final frontier. Well, it’s the final frontier apart from time, right? We’ve been to space haven’t we, I know we haven’t seen anywhere near an iota of it, but we’ve at least been there. We’ve never been to time, we just sort of exist in it. That’s not travelling, that’s just life. Anyway, space is a fair bit more achievable, but still quite the mightly leap for most of us. That’s why it’s nice that Mars Horizon is letting us all live out our fantasies.

Mars Horizon gives you the chance to lead one of the major space agencies in their pursuit of exciting new horizons as they explore the big old void hanging above us at all times. You’ll get to build bases, design rockets, and take on missions as you explore the Solar System. It looks like a lot of fun, and the concept hits a few good points too, namely space and also management.

Plus, and this is perhaps the coolest thing about Mars Horizon, it’s actually being created with support from the European Space Agency, which means it should be pretty educational too. Learning in video games is something that happens by default. I’ve learned lots of stuff from games, and I’m sure you have too, but it’s always really interesting to see games like this that take it a step further and really commit to it. You’ll even have a chance to play it soon as there will be a beta starting on April 27th.