Soulborn Is A Norse Legend Of Zelda

It Loki looks good fun

Norse mythology has really seen a rise in popularity recently. I’m not sure if it’s because of the 7 billion Marvel films that feature Thor and Loki, or if it’s in part because of God of War, the dadliest adventure around. What I do know is that I love it, I’m here for it, and I’m always ready for more traipsing in the strange worlds that it helped create.

Soulborn claims to mix Zelda and The Witcher together then chucks the resulting mixture into the Norse Mythology. It looks like it could well meet these rather lofty claims, but it’s also very early on, as the game isn’t releasing until next year. In fact, it’s another one to add to the “Officially release on Xbox Series X and PS5” list, that is no doubt floating around somewhere on the internet.

The story has your character fighting alongside Mjolnir, which has become fully sentient and can now transform into a variety of weapons and creatures to help you out. Your aim is to defeat the legendary beast Nidhöggr and try and prevent the end of the world. It’s standard story stuff, but there’s a reason this tried and tested formula works. While the gameplay footage has its kinks to iron out, it does look quite nice, and the puzzles are incredibly interesting as well. Assuming Pixelmad Studios manage to pull this off, it could well be one of the most interesting indie games when it releases in 2021. Better yet, you can give it a try in it a closed-alpha which starts on April 16th.