Make Your Own Museum In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Blathers has nothing on you 

You may or may not be playing a game that has something to do with animals crossing and fossil hunting. If that’s the case, you might well have recently developed a sudden fondness for museums and dinosaur bones. There’s definitely something calming about walking around a digital museum, and not many games take advantage of that fact. I think that’s a foolish mistake, more games should let you run collect history. Well, take a seat, because I’ve got some very good news for you.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter puts you in the rather dusty shoes of a palaeontologist who goes around the world looking for new fossils to uncover. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. You’ll actively have to mark out where the fossils are and then use a variety of tools to uncover them very carefully without damaging them. That’s only one part of the game though; the far more interesting part comes when it’s time to show off what you’ve uncovered.

Once you’ve developed a worth collection, you’ll be able to set up your own museum. This involves arranging the fossils, growing your own plants, changing the look of the displays, and even setting which kind of rocks you want on each display. It’s something that might not appeal to everyone, but I think the world is ready for more museums, and I’m always ready for more dinosaurs, so when Dinosaur Fossil Hunter launches later on this year it’s sure to find a few good homes.