HoverGrease Heroes Lineup

HoverGrease Is An Animal-Headed Top-Down Overwatch

The fantastic Mr Fox

In a world where DNA splicing has become a realistic way of curing the incurable, there are a few instances of people become Anthro Influencers and making huge amounts of money because of the strange results that they’ve ended up with. To boost PR, one company is holding an Anthro-only tournament, and you’ve been invited to come along and fight.

That’s the lowdown on HoverGrease, an upcoming top-down hero shooter that stars an array of animal-headed people shooting each other for sport. It’s a strange enough concept, but it actually does look like a lot of fun. I like top-down shooters more than I maybe should, they offer a pacing that a lot of viewpoints can’t keep up with, and they can be a bit more accessible than third or first-person shooters. There’s good news too, as you can sign up for the next round of beta tests if you want to give it a try.

I’m mostly writing about this because the trailer is cool and I like the song and dance aspect of it. It’s also always nice to look at a game so early in its lifespan and draw attention to little oddities like this that might be huge in the future. I’m definitely not just writing about this because one of the characters is called Johnny Cockhead as that would be incredibly immature and I’m definitely a very serious writer person. Yup, definitely very serious indeed, no silly jokes here, not ever.