Why You Should Be Playing Dying Light

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Dying Light is the latest in a long line of games I’m replaying because I’m too scared to play anything new, and comfort is the best thing for any of us right now. It’s wonderfully serendipitous then, that Techland has announced a new bit of DLC for the excellently bouncy over-the-top version of zombie whack-a-mole that we all know and love.

Hellraid, seemingly named after a cancelled game that Techland was working on (according to the wonderful Wes over at Eurogamer), is coming at some point in the summer this year and has a teeny tiny teaser trailer, as you’ve probably already seen above. The arcade cabinet is a good touch, but what it actually means or how it will play is anybody’s guess. Well, it’s not a complete guess, presumably it’ll still play like Dying Light, but with just a little bit more of the old monsters and magic involved.

It’s got a very 90s feel to it, especially given the fact that it stars an arcade cabinet that appears to be possessed. Honestly, it may well be the perfect mix of the absurd and the nostalgic that works so well, but just the idea of playing more Dying Light is a good enough reason to want to start playing it again. I can’t imagine fighting a demon is easier than fighting a zombie, so I’ll be grinding to make my character a little bit stronger before trying to take on whatever comes out of the arcade machine.