Jet Lancer is a frenetic story-based aerial dog-fighter

A heady combination of fast-paced pixel-perfect arcade dog-fighting and detailed fighter jet customisation, out today on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac!

Jet Lancer, released today for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac, is a high-velocity aerial combat shooter. You’ll duel enemy aviators, hunt giant robots, and defy death at supersonic speeds as you evolve from an unknown rookie aviator into a once-in-a-generation ACE pilot.

Created by game designer Vladimir Fedyushkin and programmer Nicolai Danielsen – a.k.a. Code Walkers – and published by Armor Games Studios, the game combines fast-paced pixel-perfect dog-fighting with detailed fighter jet customisation. It’s the result of an indie duo partnership dedicated to exploring uncharted lands of game design, even within established frameworks.

“It checks a lot of nostalgic boxes without sacrificing modern-era design, a feat we truly admire,” says Sean McKenzie, Director of Publishing at Armor Games Studios, on what attracted the publisher to the title. “Vladimir and Nicolai have made something we’re as proud to be connected to as we are excited to play.”

The pair set out to create a game that feels instinctive to play, yet boasts a large amount of complexity. Combining stylish combat and frantic pacing with a unique arcade art style reminiscent of classic titles, this bombastic bullet hell shooter lets players tinker with an upgrades system that encourages learning, experimentation, and tactical decision-making – challenging pilots to find the right loadout for each encounter.

Genre fanatics will get a lot out of it – but that isn’t to say it’s tailored to the hardest of hardcore. Designed from the ground up to be an experience that is both challenging and fair, Jet Lancer features a suite of accessibility options to ensure that pilots of any ability can enjoy the game. The options include damage modifiers, anti-fatigue control toggles, and visual adjustments including screen shake and screen-flash reduction.

And there’s a riveting storyline to sink your teeth into, as well, in a single-player campaign which sees players dominating the skies with tight and responsive controls.

“I can’t wait to see how it lands with everyone,” says Nicolai Danielsen. “Working on Jet Lancer has been an amazing learning experience for me and, thanks to the help of many incredibly talented people, it feels great to be finally ready for launch.”

It’s been a personal journey for its two-man team, too, across its five-year development cycle. “A lot of things happen during that time,” says Vladimir Fedyushkin, “and being able to work on Jet Lancer kept me going through some difficult times. There is a significant part of me woven into this game, and I’m extremely grateful I am able to share it.”

Jet Lancer launches today on both Nintendo Switch and PC & Mac via Steam, GOG, Humble Store and, priced at $14.99 / £13.49 / €14.99.

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Promotional Feature

This is a promotional feature sponsored by the game's developer and/or publisher. Find out more about Partner Games and Promotional Features.