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B99 Puts You In A Retro Cyberspace In VR

A future already forgotten

Roguelikes work well in VR because it takes a while to build up an immunity to the dreaded VR sickness that plagues a lot of us when we’re not used to it. That’s not the only reason though, they’re also an excellent way to dip in for half an hour instead of clearing a day to immerse yourself in another world, and they make for an excellent way to show off what VR can do to your friends. B99 is a VR roguelike, which isn’t a common game type, despite how well it fits.

However, unlike many of the other VR roguelikes, B99 doesn’t aim to look realistic. Instead, it washes over you in a sea of neon colours and old-school graphics, like you’ve stepped into the version of cyberspace that the 80s spit out. It’s stunning in its own way, and although it takes a little more time to adjust to than some other games, it’s well worth it when you do.

It’s an FPS at its core, and the enemies you fight range from being more familiar things like tanks to more abstract things like wild geometric shapes intent on killing you. You fight through to try and become more powerful, and as you do, everything else gets stronger too. It’s a great gameplay loop, and it also costs under a fiver, which makes for an incredibly worthwhile investment. Also, it’s been in Early Access for a long time, but it finally releases in full today, so there’s never been a better time to jump in.