Why You Should Be Excited For Desperados III

It’s high noon

Cowboys are cool, right? Even if they’re not cool, they’re at least fun to play as. While most cowboy games might be about being red, or dead, or maybe even redemption, Desperados III is different. For starters, I keep having to write III instead of 3 because that’s how it’s stylised. Also though, the gameplay isn’t a shooter as such, and instead plays out as a tactical stealth game. That’s fun, but you also get to take control of five very different characters too.

You’ve got the leader Cooper, who uses revolvers and a knife, a strongman who uses a bear trap and an axe, a bounty hunter called Doc (I’m your huckleberry) who uses traps and whatnot, and Kate, who lures foolish men to their doom as a femme fatale. It’s a fun cast of characters, and each of them is more than capable of handling themselves, but you’ll only find success if you can master them.

Each level will have as many different ways of finishing it as you can think of, and you can play however you’d like. Along with the story itself, you can also replay missions to try and achieve special challenges, and you can even use a mode that lets you pause the game to react like a mastermind at all times. It just looks really good, and hopefully, it’ll build on the best parts of the previous games while also improving on some of the flaws. It definitely looks good, but we can find out if it is good when it releases on June 16th.