The Next Big Monster Taming Game Could Be Nexomon: Extinction

Got to catch all of them

Sometimes you’ve just got to catch monsters, train them up, and force them to fight each other. Rather than considering the issues in building a society around catching all-powerful creatures and making them cause cataclysms at each other for our entertainment, why don’t we just take a look at Nexomon: Extinction? Actually, the story here seems to go into some of the issues that could occur from having creatures that could accidentally end the world in the world, hence the Extinction part of the title.

This is the follow-up to the fairly successful Nexomon and seems to be coming to every platform you can think of. You play as a Tamer who has just left an orphanage to try and make their way in the world and join the Guild of Tamers. Due to the rather horrific state of things, you’ll not get much chanced to just relax and enjoy napping with your monsters, and will probably end up facing off against the Tyrant Nexomon who are fighting it out to try and gain dominion over both humans and monsters.

Naturally, the gameplay looks very much like some other monster taming games, but it’s got a very cute art style, and unlike most, has nine potential starter Nexomon to choose from. That’s probably way too many for anybody who struggled to choose from a third of that amount in other games, but it does mean that the game will be roughly 4,000 hours long thanks to how many things you’ll have to consider as soon as you’re faced with this decision.