Stray Gives Us The Gift Of Cats


Look, cats are great. In all the trailers of the PS5 reveal thing last week, only two of them had cats, and, as far as I can tell, only Stray lets you play as one. It was a great trailer, just watch it above, it follows the little fluff and its tiny backpack through a brightly-lit neon landscape inhabited by robotic figures. You think “oh cool, a cat, I wonder what you’ll play as.” Then the trailer goes “you fool, you are the cat.” Then you go “oh, nice.”

It’s the kind of surprise reveal we all need in dark times, and honestly, I’m here for it. There were a few really cool indie titles last week, and I’ll be writing/have written about some of them, but as a person with two cats, this is probably my favourite one. I don’t think it’ll change the world, but I do think cats are cool.

The game is about being a lost cat, trying to find your way home and untangle an ancient mystery in a forgotten city. That’s awesome, but I’ll be happy to just be cat. That’s all I want really, to walk around, being inherently better than everything else, maybe do some good, take a nap, clean my face, meow loudly then go back to sleep. This could be it, this could the chance we’ve all been waiting for. Anyway, if you’re going to get a cat make sure you adopt one from a rescue shelter, they always need more. I’ve got two rescued cats, one black, one grey, both are excellent in their own ways. Now, I leave you with a picture of Bo, he’s a bit of a literally scaredy-cat but he’s intensely loving and affectionate when he wants to be.