The Waylanders Has A Very Dragon Age: Origins Energy

Dragons but Celtic

The Waylanders is a game so damn familiar that you’ll feel right at home as soon as you load it up. It’s also filled to the brim with new things to learn, and a lot of signs that it’s very much embracing its Early Access launch. It kicks off with a character creator, because of course it does. You can choose your race, your presented gender (no non-binary option), your pronouns (he, she, they), and a wealth of other things like class and stats too. It’s a lot, and is sure to keep most players very happy.

You then follow along with some cutscenes that feel as though every other one is missing, presumably because that’s the case. This makes the whole thing feel rather disjointed. It’s a little frustrating, but you eventually get to the gameplay, and that’s what makes The Waylanders feel as though it’s going to be huge when it’s finished. You see, battles take place in real-time, but with the ability to pause and dole out commands and take your time to strategize.

It feels like the original Dragon Age combat system, but with a better viewpoint and a very different array of inspirations for the lore, and therefore the abilities. It’s a lot of fun, and experiencing the Celtic mythology is very novel when it comes to games. I think there’s a lot of potential here, and while I don’t think the current state of the game is for everyone, I am very excited to see what it becomes upon full release.