Rhyme Storm Is Guitar Hero For Freestyle Rapping


I was contemplating starting this piece with some kind of rap, but, well, you don’t want to read that, and I certainly don’t want to write it. So, Rhyme Storm is an upcoming game all about freestyle rapping, it gives you a subject to rap to and words to include as you make your way through it. Watch the trailer if you haven’t already, it makes things much clearer. It’s currently only listed as being single-player, which makes sense given the nature of it, but I think the community that could build up around might be massive.

It works using different beats, word prompts, and topics, to create a basically unending amount of freestyle raps to fight through. You get scored based on your performance, which apparently uses voice recognition to work properly. It’s a really cool concept, and while I don’t know how well it will work with regional accents or anything other than the most vanilla of voices, I do think it’s a really interesting game.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing just how far I can go as a freestyle rapper, it probably won’t be very far at all, but you’ve gotta have dreams, you know? Rhyme Storm, which is a great name, is releasing into Early Access this summer, and I very much expect it to be a huge hit on streams if it’s done well. What will your freestyle rap name be? I’ve got some ideas for a mine but I don’t think they’re their just yet.