Recompile Is A Stunning Looking Hacking Game

A different kind of hack and slash 

It’s pretty cool that we’re starting to see more and more trailers and announcements for indie games on the next generation of consoles. It’s even better when they look as good as Recompile does. In Recompile, you take control of a sapient AI that has to journey around a digital world. You have to explore stunning locations, fight against digital threats, and hack anything that gets in your way.

Each aspect plays into a deep network of complex gameplay systems that sound incredible. For example, the hacking isn’t a gimmick, it’s an integral part of the game. Apparently, every environmental feature is powered by systems that you can hack and exploit. This sounds as though you could easily find multiple solutions to any of the problems that the game throws at you, and there are few things more interesting in a game than true freedom to discover your own answers. It allows for those amazing moments where you talk about a game with a  friend, only to discover that you’ve both been playing the game in a completely different way.

Of course, the visuals play a huge part in Recompile’s appeal. Looking at the stark contrast between the hard digital world and your almost ethereal body quickly reminds you that you’re not playing as a person but as a program. It’s a fascinating concept and if it manages to play anywhere near as good as it looks, then it’ll be an essential game for everyone.