Why You Should Play Kind Words

Good vibes

There are two reasons to play Kind Words. The first is the excellent music, the subtitle of the game is (lo fi chill beats to write to) and it perfectly encapsulates the music that the game has playing. Every day your own personal Mail Deer will find a new track to have smoothly emanating from your headphones or speakers and filling the room with the best kind of vibe. The kind of vibe that says “it’s all good, just relax and think positively”.

So yeah, that’s reason number one, and it has nothing to do with how you play the game at all. Well, I say game, Kind Words isn’t a game at all, it’s more like an MMO that’s been fused with the idea of pen pals. In Kind Words, your aim isn’t to defeat the evil, or save the world, you just have to respond to letters that other people have sent out into the world. You can, of course, choose to send your own worries out into the world too, and you’ll get an anonymous helper sending their own kind words back at you to try and help.

You can more or less talk about anything, but you have to be wholesome in your responses. The aim isn’t to change the world, but to make it just a touch better for every person you end up writing to. It’s a humble aim, but an important one, and while I appreciate Kind Words might not be for everyone, I do think it’s incredibly important, especially at the moment.