Hellbound Is Another Beautiful Throwback To Shooters Of Old

I think we’re doomed 

We’re seeing more and more games that are throwbacks to the FPS games that we knew three decades ago. That’s the 90s, by the way, as they started three decades ago. If, like me, that makes you feel incredibly old, might I suggest pretending that it’s not true, grabbing a Blue Rasberry Panda Pop, and also pretending that you can buy a house for a reasonable price too? You know, the good old days, before, well, the last thirty years or so?

Anyway, the oncoming abyss and never-ending slow approach of the end of times aside, Hellbound is a throwback to the old-school versions of Doom. It’s being made by a team in Argentina called Saibot Studios, and it’s not only already released some demos, but also comes off the back of a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Naturally, you’ll be sent to hell in the game, but it’s not the hell you might expect. Instead, it used to be a sacred place but is now home to, well, everything you might expect.

It’s all probably irrelevant of course, the game looks like it’s far less about story and romancing the demons you meet (although good lord, can you imagine how well that would sell), and far more about shooting things really quickly. Also, one of the things on the steam page says “Looking for a deep story? You came to the wrong place!” I’ve got a lot of respect for the honesty, and it’s the kind of honesty that could take this game far.