Check Out Blightbound In The Beta Starting Tomorrow

Have you called the doctor?

Blightbound is an upcoming (releases on July 29th) dungeon-crawler with a heavy focus on co-op gameplay and killing evil things. In the wake of some legendary heroes thwarting the Shadow Titan, it turns out that things aren’t going be all “happily ever after” because of something called the Blight. This is an evil fog that warps the creatures it comes into contact with, turning them into evil and monstrous abominations that will likely try and use you as an appetiser.

You play as part of a team of three, and you have to venture through dungeons to try and take out all of these evil monsters. Each team will have three types of characters – warrior, assassin, and mage – and you’ll all have to work together to take down the puzzles and bosses that stand in your way. It all sounds like a lot of good fun, and better yet, you can actually try it out before you buy it thanks to a beta.

The open beta will be running from July 24th to July 26th ahead of the release date, and it’ll allow players to jump into the world and test out the game while also testing out the servers. Now, as is the case with any beta, there could be issues that pop up, but it’s still a good chance to check out the game and see if you’ll want to buy it. Demos are a rare thing nowadays, but beta tests are pretty close most of the time.