Fall Guys Is Going To Be The Next Rocket League

Not that way

Fall Guys is the next big battle royale game. I’m saying that because despite how much fun there is to be had across Fortnite, PUBG, Warzone, Apex Legends, Hyper Scape, Rogue Company, and every other “we’re gonna change the world by shooting at stuff” game is, they’re all about shooting at stuff. Fall Guys isn’t. Fall Guys is about being a seemingly sentient potato person cosplaying as a portion of fries and trying to survives as healthy food cascades down a hill towards you.

It’s a game about laughing maniacally as you’re pushed off a plushy platform to your doom because your dog ears are flapping about chaotically. It’s a game about having fun, where nobody really gets hurt, and where you’re not being inherently violent, you’re just kinda clumsy. Fall Guys is probably the first game in a very long time to truly try and revolutionaries what we view as a battle royale game (Tetris 99 also counts), and it’s a firm reminder of the joy that games can bring. However, it’s also got one big advantage over everything else, and it’s one that Rocket League had when it released over five years ago.

That advantage is that it is, in essence, free to those of us who own a PlayStation thanks to PS Plus. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how big Rocket League became thanks to this exact thing, and I’ve no doubts whatsoever that Fall Guys will tick all of the same boxes. It’s coming out on August 4th to both PS4 and PC, but it’s only free on one of those.