Cat Cafe Manager Is The Chill Game We All Deserve

Every meow and then I get a little bit lonely

Life is hard and stressful but cats are good. The only thing better than some cats is lots of cats, and that’s exactly what Cat Cafe Manager is all about. You’ve ended up as the new owner of a cat cafe and it’s your job to try and keep the place running. Not only that, but you can adopt new cats, manage your staff, expand the cafe itself, and try and appeal to as many people as possible.

Along the way, you’ll get the chance to meet new people and befriend them and no doubt learn a little something about yourself too. It might not be the most original set up in the world, but it looks cute, and anyone who doesn’t like cats is probably evil, so you already know you’re in good company just by playing the game at all. It’s also from a brand-new indie team, so this could well be the beginning of something very exciting.

Oh, there’s also a mysterious black cat wandering around (black cats are great and also generally get adopted less because people are weird, please go and adopt a black cat if you can), as well as a shrine in the forest. I’ve no idea whether or not this is secretly going to be a horror game, I hope it won’t, but a bit of mystery never goes amiss. Cat Cafe Manager is going to be out at some point later this year, but I want it right meow.