Why You Should Play Until You Fall

Hack and/or slash

Melee combat in VR is tricky to get write. You need to match movements with the actions of the player, make sure they feel like they’re in full control of everything, and also keep it balanced if a player can move like an anime character. Until You Fall does an excellent job of managing all of these things incredibly well, and it just so happens to be one of the best melee games in VR too.

In Until You Fall, you explore a fantastically colourful world filled with monstrous foes all looking to cut you down to size. As you go, you unlock new weapons to use, new abilities for those weapons, and just generally get better at the game as a whole. Initially, foes will only require you to parry one strike before finishing them off, but as you go on things escalate and escalate until you have to parry a flurry of blows, dodge to your left, and then strike in a specific direction to open them up to any real damage.

The weapon variety is really cool, with my personal favourites being a short sword in my right hand and a magical dagger in my left. As you attack and block you build up the weapon’s special ability, and you can then unleash a fireball that deals damage over time or a magical story that shreds through an opponent’s defence. It’s just a very satisfying game and is also one of the best ways to build up your cardio in VR too.