Boundary Takes The FPS Into Zero-G In Space

FPS games have a tendency to be reminiscent of other FPS games that you’ve already played. You could say the same of any genre, but FPS games get it worst than most because there are only so many ways you can fire a gun. Well, Boundary manages to look nothing like any FPS game I’ve played by taking it all into space. That means, theoretically, your bullets will go on forever, and you may accidentally kill some aliens in another galaxy, but try not to worry about that too much.

Boundary is a team-based shooter that will have you fighting against enemy teams to try and survive in the cold and uncaring environment that is space. To do so, you’ll have to customise your suit to fit your playstyle, keep in mind that a single wrong move could end with you floating through space for the rest of time, and of course, shoot the other team. It’s a really intriguing concept, and watching the trailers makes it clear just how different the game could potentially be to what we’re used to.

Honestly, the main thing that’s attracted me to Boundary is the visuals. There’s something incredibly beautiful about space, and the idea of offsetting that with humanity and the violence we tend to bring to otherwise serene places is kind of perfect. There’s no firm release date as of yet, but it’ll be coming to both Steam and PS4 this year, and could well be the next big multiplayer shooter.