The Verticality Of Spellbreak Is Its Greatest Strength

Battle royale games aren’t going away anytime soon. They pack in replayability, the joy of success, and the pain of defeat into every single match, and it makes them incredibly moreish. Spellbreak launched late last week, and despite entering into an undeniably crowded genre, I feel like it’s got a good chance of standing out amongst the many options players have at their fingertips. That’s saying something given the quality of some of the competition too, but don’t worry, I’m going to explain why.

Spellbreak is a magical battle royal game. Instead of using guns, you pick up gauntlets which you can channel magic through. You pick a class which dictates one gauntlet, and you can find others as loot. You can then combine some of the elements together to make more powerful spells, my current favourite being a flaming tornado that draws enemies in and deals absurd damage. On top of that, you can increase your stats by finding scrolls, and different equipment and even some cool special abilities.

There are a few different abilities, but my personal favourite is Featherfall. Featherfall has you shoot into the air before slowly descending. You get an awful lot of height as you go up, and you can then use your innate ability to hover in order to slow your descent even further. It lets you view the battlefield from above and rain down magical destruction as you do so. It also lets you make a quick escape, very few people think to look up when they lose sight of an enemy. It’s just a lot of fun, and I think the verticality of Spellbreak is what makes it really stand out against the competition.