Ridiculous Catapult Simulator Looks, Well, Ridiculous

I’m a sucker for a well-named game. Sometimes it’s a clever play on words, sometimes it’s just a memorable phrase, and sometimes it’s just exactly what the game is. We’ve seen an increase in games with the word “Simulator” in the title for a while now, no doubt thanks to Goat Simulator, but honestly, who can say for sure. Well, the next one I’m really excited about is called Ridiculous Catapult Simulator, and I think it’s probably one of the best titles of all time.

Your aim in Ridiculous Catapult Simulator is to defend your castle against the rather dim-witted fools who are trying to attack you. Rather than loading up things that make sense, like giant rocks, you can launch less traditional ammunition, like bathtubs. On top of that, you can launch things at other things to create absurd levels of chaos., For example, you can chuck a battery at a bathtub to create a giant electrical puddle. Personally, that’s the bit that makes this exciting for me, because I love a good bit of mix and match.

It’s also a deck-builder? Presumably, that impacts the ammo you use in the levels you’ll be taking on. Honestly, I want to know a lot more about this game, and I’m very excited to see what kind of absurdity can be created within the game. There’s no release date listed for the game yet, but hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can launch pianos at people.