You Should Play The Surge 2

I’m in a bit of a rut with gaming at the moment where I’ve been revisiting games I know I like instead of playing new ones. I’m sure I’m not the only one though. The world is still kind of a mess, and I’m finding it kind of hard to focus on anything long enough to pick it up, so I’m finding a lot of solace in games I know I can play. It’s comforting to find yourself in a world that isn’t surprising but is still challenging. One of those games, at least for me, is The Surge 2.

The Surge 2 came out a year ago yesterday, and despite being a follow-up to the original game, didn’t require any previous knowledge of the series. It starred a character who had been involved in a horrible plane crash and has woken up in Jericho City. Naturally, everything has gone horribly wrong and you have to break out of the prison you’ve wound up in and then basically drill robot parts onto yourself until you can eventually try and kill god.

I’m not overexagarrating as much as you might expect there, it’s a very over-the-top story. However, what makes The Surge 2 so good is the fact that the gameplay is so tight. It’s very much a soulslike, but it’s not what you’re expecting if you come at it form a Dark Souls viewpoint. You have to chop off limbs to get new loot and you can build your character in a whole host of different ways. It’s just a lot of fun, and I reckon more people should play it.