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The Excellent Noita Leaves Early Access Soon

Games that have an interesting premise at the core of them aren’t necessarily uncommon, but the ones that execute that idea almost perfectly are. Noita is a roguelite where every single pixel has simulated physics, and the result of that when playing it is a sandbox unlike almost anything else. Because everything in the world can be messed with, you can destroy the environment, set fire to wood blocking your path, and set off huge explosions by using a litany of dangerous materials.

On top of that, as a magic user, you can mix and match spells you find to create powerful combinations on your wands. You can make spells that make a fireball split into two before poisoning enemies, or shoot out saw blades that ricochet around wildly. Plus, you can find loads of different flasks filled with magical liquids that can charm enemies or turn yourself into a gigantic beast to take down enemies in a completely different way.

Of course, all of that assumes you can make it through the first five minutes without accidentally blowing yourself up or getting attacks by the many powerful denizens of the world of Noita. I mean, you should expect to die a lot anyway because of the genre, but even by those standards, Noita can be quite punishing. It’s worth trying to get through it though, because getting a good run in this game is euphoric. The best part about it all is that it’s coming out of Early Access on October 15th.