You Should Play Battle Chef Brigade

Cooking is one of life’s little joys. It’s a skill that a lot of people pick up from their parents, but sometimes you’ve got to teach yourself and just go for it. I’ve always viewed it as reassuringly scientific. You get a recipe, follow it, and you can experiment with the established formulas by adding in different ingredients or seasonings. I feel like Battle Chef Brigade actually represents this idea quite well. You have to go out into the battlefield and take down monsters before mixing them in a match-three game to create fabulous food.

It’s a really strange gameplay loop, but it’s an awful lot of fun. It also happens to have a huge cast of excellent characters and a lot of replayability thanks to just how much fun cooking is. Plus, on top of all of that, the multiplayer mode is a great chance to flex the very unique set of skills you’ll pick up in this game.

The world you inhabit in the game is colourful and full of life and the art style is absolutely beautiful. The hand-drawn style really pops in every single animation, and you’ll find yourself drawn to it the longer you look at it. I adore Battle Chef Brigade and there’s no other game that can scratch the extraordinarily specific itch that it manages to. If you’re looking for a cute game to distract you or take up your time in the next few weeks, I’d thoroughly recommend you give this one a go.