rocket league

Buy Rocket League On The Epic Store For Free Money

Honestly, just go to the Epic Game Store, add Rocket League to your library, then you get a £10 coupon to use before the 1st of November. There’s literally no reason not to do this, it’s free (real estate) money towards any game over £15. That means you can take a game you weren’t 100% sure you wanted to spend £20 on and make it a tenner, suddenly buying it isn’t all that big of a deal, so why not treat yourself.

Epic seems to like doing stuff like this, so while you may have your issues with them as either a company or a storefront, it’s worth getting involved just to get your hands on this stuff. They’re also giving away Abzu at the moment, which is an exquisite game about swimming and chilling out. It’s the kind of vibe you’ll probably want as the world around us continues to descend into the lowest pit imaginable.

If you’ve not played Rocket League before, it’s worth downloading it for free at the moment because it’s excellent. Seriously, no other game has its hooks in me in quite the same way that Rocket League does at the moment. The mix of new players, new skins, and the cool new tournaments means it’s better than it’s ever been (especially now the servers seem to be working properly. So, get it, get your free money, and live your best life. You don’t even have to thank us, you can just do it and live a good life, that’s all we want.