Phasmophobia Is A Co-op Jump Fest

Horror games are often made far less, well, horrifying, when you share the experience with somebody else or multiple somebodies. Getting the balance right on a game that is inherently designed to be played in co-op is tricky. How do you keep a group of people prepped for a jump scare when they’re also talking about the real world, which isn’t at all scary or horrifying. Well, that’s exactly the kind of thing that Phasmophobia tries to balance, and frankly, it does it with a surprising degree of success and finesse.

Phasmophobia, for those not in the know, is a fear of ghosts. Unsurprisingly, the game very much leans into that in its themes. You play as a group of ghost hunters who have to try and fight back and gather evidence regarding a surge in paranormal activity. As it’s not just yourself you have to worry about, you’ll want a good team backing you if you want to come out each game without feeling the full force of the ghosts you’re hunting. There are ten different ghosts to hunt too, each with different traits requiring you to figure out new ways to investigate them.

One of the things that really makes it interesting is the fact that it uses voice recognition as part of the gameplay experience. That means you can interact with the ghost by chatting to them and they’ll react to you. Plus, you can choose to either go into the ghost hunt yourself or play support if you’d rather, just don’t expect to be safe either way.