Ghostrunner Tips And Tricks

With Ghostrunner promising to crush both you and your ego, we thought it was a good idea to give you a bit of a heads up.

If you go in expecting this to be an easy ride you’re going to get crushed. So, download this Ghostrunner tips and tricks into your brain to give you a bit of an advantage over the tower you’ll soon be fighting against. 

Keep in mind that you’ll end up coming up with your own strategies to deal with the plethora of problems you’re going to be facing here. However, these Ghostrunner tips should help you find your feet in this terrifying world and maybe even give you a good chance of success.

Ghostrunner tips and tricks

Accept death

Time to face reality. Unless you are a speedrunner or avid platformer, you are going to be dying. A lot. Use this to your advantage and view the initial deaths on each new puzzle for the learning points that they are. Don’t expect to beat a room on the first try, instead map out angles of attack and plot out your own style of execution. Once you have a better understanding of the layout, then start pushing to achieve victory. As you become more familiar with the game, you may find yourself developing a flow. The gameplay should feel a lot smoother, leading to fewer deaths and more satisfying kills, but there is definitely an initial learning curve to get past. 

Keep changing it up

As you progress through the game, you may find your particular build struggling against certain environments. Chop and change the modifications on your cyborg to keep things fresh and try new approaches to challenges. With the story advancing, more space becomes available for you to play Tetris with which means more advanced modification and more complex strategies. You never know what combinations may help you proceed up the tower and the maps are open enough for many different styles to have their own place. 

Stay airborne

This one is simple, but worth saying. Staying in the air gives you access to the slow down effect of the dash while running on the ground does not. If you find yourself dashing towards enemies on the ground, you may be nerfing your own ability to dodge, close and engage with targets. Don’t forget to combine dash with your other abilities – dodging a shot before swiftly blinking into a group can be the difference between clearing an area and not.  

Time your attacks

The sword blocks bullets even if you don’t have a reflect mode turned on. Just time a slash to deflect shots if you are not able to execute an aerial dodge. Practice the timing for incoming shots in the early game as it’s an excellent skill to have in a pinch. Even if you don’t bounce the bullet back at your enemy, it gives you space to close the gap before the attacker gets the next shot out. 

Complete the level before you quit

Unfortunately, the best piece of advice is the most frustrating aspect of the game.  Don’t forget that all progress is reset when you quit Ghostrunner to the desktop so make sure you finish a level before you decide to exit or you will find yourself back at the start of the whole map on reboot which could be extremely frustrating. 

Hopefully, some of these simple tricks will help keep you progressing forward up the tower and slicing and dicing with the best of them.