You Should Play Transistor

So, you’ve been playing Hades a lot, and you find yourself wanting to explore the other games from Supergiant Games. You could go back to the first game, Bastion, and find out the story of The Kid as he explores a crumbling world and tries to find somewhere safe. You could check out their last game, Pyre, which is an entirely unique take on a sports game that’ll have your heart-breaking every time you win or lose a game. Both of those are excellent games, but, in my opinion, the best game from Supergiant Games (other than Hades), is Transistor.

Transistor is the tale of a futuristic city which is falling to a strange virus. You play as a songstress who’s lost her voice. The world around you is changing rapidly, and worst of all, your partner is dead… well, sort of. I won’t spoil anything here, because I think every story beat you come across in Transistor is perfectly placed, and me ruining any of them for you would be shameful. However, I will say that out of all of Supergiant’s games, Transistor is the one that’s stuck with me the most.

The world of Transistor is beautiful, the music is haunting, and the story is sublime. My favourite thing about the game is the combat though, which blends real-time and turn-based combat into something completely unique. It’s an essential game and one that I demand you go and play right now. What are you doing? Go and play it I said GO!