Pixel Puzzle Makeout League Is A Wonderful Mashup

A good genre mashup is like discovering peanut butter and jam for the first time. Sure, it sounds strange, but it turns out the differences between the two things are the exact reason that they work so well together. I always enjoy games that do the same thing, and while they don’t always work, it’s an unrivalled joy when they do. Pixel Puzzle Makeout League is a mix between a puzzle game and a dating sim, and I’m very happy to tell you that it works like a dream.

You take control of Pixel Girl, a superhero who has the amazing power to solve pixel puzzles. I’m going to be honest, I’m not 100% certain it’s the power I’d choose for myself, but it does seem to be quite useful. You have to use this amazing power to try and stop the villain from ruining the day, and along the way, you get to forge bonds with your fellow puzzle superheroes and even get to take them on dates. It’s a fun and surprisingly light-hearted premise despite the fact that you’re basically trying to save the world.

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League is an incredibly light-hearted experience that’s sure to help you find a smile on your face even if you’re struggling with other things right now. It’s the kind of game that fits into a very specific niche, like the Z blocks in Tetris. That means that while it may not be the game everyone wants, there’ll be a bunch of people out there who will feel like they’ve been waiting for it forever.