You Should Play Supraland

Supraland is a game that describes itself as a mix between Portal, Zelda, and Metroid. Those are some dizzying heights, and most games shy away from comparisons like that because they set absurd expectations. Despite those lofty claims, it does stick the landing quite well. It’s not just a fun game either, it’s an actively funny one, and the kind of game that somehow feels nostalgic despite it not being a sequel to anything. It’s that kind of endearing warmth that’ll see you through from start to finish in Supraland, but it also happens to be an excellent gameplay experience too.

You play as a little red stickman of sorts who has to journey out into the massive sandbox world armed with basically nothing. You’ll have to platform your way around and unlock new abilities as you go in order to unlock new areas and secrets. It’s satisfying in an old-school way, and there are secrets to be found all over the place.

It’s very much more a puzzle game and an exploration game than anything, but you’ll get to fight against a few pesky foes in your time with Supraland too. What’s really cool about the game is that you can actually try it out for free thanks to a demo. That means you don’t even have to take my word for this and trust me enough to spend money, you can just go and play it and see how right I am. So yeah, go and play this excellent game.