Android Hunter A 2

Action platformer Android Hunter A brings Mega Man into 2020

A robotic uprising swarms the streets, slowly dismantling all that humans have created. To help secure the city, a collection of androids are created – perfectly designed to take the corrupt invaders down. Take the role of Android Hunter A, the leading example of these machines, and run, gun and dodge your way to victory in this cinematic side scroller.

Developed by Digiplox, Android Hunter A is a fast-paced, innovative new take on the beloved action platformer genre – inspired by the Capcom classic, Mega Man X.

Digiplox are bringing well-known gameplay into the contemporary era of gaming – with fully animated cinematic cutscenes, a deeply customisable combat system and eight striking environments to explore.This is a sidescroller fueled by respect for previous titles and by innovation – perfect for genre veterans or those new to platform hopping, rocket-blasting gameplay.

Releasing a sidescroller inspired by a title that many fans hold dear, and with great nostalgia, wasn’t a task taken lightly by the Digiplox team. “Android Hunter A started as a love letter to the Megaman X series, but over the years, our ideas and expectations became more and more ambitious, to the point where it became much more than that,” shares Vijay Kumar, Lead Developer.

As Android Hunter A grew, it took on its own personality and gameplay mechanics, incorporating the fast-paced combat styles of fighting games of a similar era, your Tekkens and Street Fighters – as well as utilising the resources available for modern game such as online leaderboards and a sharp, variety contemporary soundtrack.

“Our main goal was to push the boundaries for what it means to be an action packed side scroller shooter, and look to be something innovative in such a beloved genre,” explains Kumar. “In addition to a brand new visual aesthetic, stage ranks and character customizability, Android Hunter A introduces new gameplay mechanics that reward skill based play and revitalizes retro platforming!”

Players can get their hands on Android Hunter A right now on PC via Steam.