You Should Play Dicey Dungeons

Sometimes you’ve just got to give yourself over to chance. Sure, you can mess around with the odds and try and make sure they’re always in your favour, but part of the fun of rolling a dice is being at the mercy of it. I figure that’s what’s most fun about things like Warhammer and D&D. Especially given how creative the latter can be with failures. Dicey Dungeons is effectively all about trying your luck and figuring out how best to manipulate the odds.

Dicey Dungeons is unlike any other roguelike I’ve played. Sure, there are aspects that are reminiscent of what you’d expect, things like the map progression and the turn-based battles are a mainstay of certain roguelikes, but the way you interact with those fights is spectacular. You get to equip items that will use dice rolls to power them. It means that you have to hope you get good rolls, but that you can also make sure you’ve got a variety of equipment that can make use of a dice roll no matter what it is.

On top of that, you can unlock new classes as you go which have special abilities to make things even more interesting. Dicey Dungeons is a blast to play, and while I’d say it’s probably one of the harder roguelikes around, it’s also one of the more satisfying ones once you get a good run going. It’s also got a fairly good sense of humour, and I always love that in a game that’s beating me to death regularly.