Blazing Sails Is Basically A Sea Of Thieves Battle Royale

Sometimes you just need to sail around with some friends, loot some sunken ships, and maybe fight a megalodon. Other times, you need a little more action in your life. Now, Sea of Thieves is an excellent game for sure, and we’ve all sailed on the high seas, put an explosive barrel next to the stove, and left a banana cooking on a friend’s stream below decks while we fish knowing full well that the boat is going to explode, but sometimes you want something a bit more focussed. Sometimes you want something a little more combat-heavy, a little bit faster paced.

Blazing Sails is basically a Sea of Thieves battle royale game. If that sounds like something you would absolutely adore, then that’s probably the only bit of information you need about the game. If you need a little more information first, then you’ll want to know that unlike other battle royale games, you can actually keep respawning in Blazing Sails. Your life is tied to your ship, not your body, so your main goal is to protect that instead.

There are loads of cool ideas here, and while it will feel very reminiscent for anybody that has sung a sea shanty on the Sea of Thieves, it definitely has enough differences to make it worth checking out if you just fancy sailing on some different waters. It’s actually still in Early Access at the moment, but that just means you’ll keep seeing updates until it releases whenever that ends up being.