Mech Armada Is Slay The Spire But Mechs

Mech games are a fascinating concept to me. I love the idea of them, but I don’t always gel with them properly. I think the idea of having this almost lego approach to your units or the thing you’re controlling makes your options in combat far more enticing. One of the most exciting ones I’ve seen that’s coming up is a game called Mech Armada, and I just think it looks like an excellent take on the mech game.

It’s set in a post-apocalypse, naturally. Things have gone south because an enemy called the Swarm came along to Earth and just kind of trashed the place. We’re talking T-Rex in a china shop chasing around a laser pointer levels of broken stuff everywhere. The good news is that there are some survivors and that those survivors have access to technology that lets them generate mechs almost instantaneously, and that’s a great way to fight back against giant fleshy enemies.

Mech Armada promises to “Push your strategic skills to the limit in this fresh combination of turn-based tactics, roguelikes and deckbuilding, as you save what’s left of the Earth from the Swarm.” Honestly, you know me well enough by now to know that you know that both deckbuilders and roguelikes are my jam, and that the wombo-combo of both is also very appealing. Well, it turns out that simply adding mechs to that whole thing actually makes it even more my jam, and now Mech Armada is one of the most exciting upcoming games, at least to me.